All Powder Coat & Screen delivers exceptional metal finishing results to meet our customers’ needs.

All Powder Coat & Screen takes pride in providing our customers with the best possible finished product that is highly functional, visually attractive, and built to last. We offer a variety of finishing services for parts in a number of industries.

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Industrial Powder coating services

Powder Coating Services

Powder coating is a method of adding a protective, decorative finish to metals. It involves the application of a dry powder onto a metal surface with an electrostatic spray gun and the curing of this part with heat or UV light to form a durable, smooth, and attractive finish.We work directly with multiple powder manufacturers so we can have a large range of colors and textures to choose from. We keep many of our best selling powder colors in stock, but we can order powder for larger quantity projects. Based on your projects’ needs and applications, you can choose from the following powder coating options:

We choose to employ industrial powder coating services over wet paint for a number of reasons, namely for the increased durability and corrosion resistance that comes with powder coating.

Sand Blasting Services

Sand blasting is a technique that uses compressed air to blast sand at high speed against a surface to achieve the desired effect. Sand blasting removes unwanted substances such as rust, paint, contaminants, or corrosion from surfaces. This process can also create a textured effect that makes the material’s surface more adhesive for further treatments or coatings. It also generally results in the part’s surface looking more polished, even, and consistent.

Pad Printing Services

Pad printing is the process of transferring ink from a silicone pad onto a printed item. This is a great option for large volume jobs. This is due to the fact that once we have completed the proper setup for this process, pad printing is easy to repeat for multiple parts in one go. Pad printing is a helpful solution in capturing smaller-scale designs or features, as the image quality is remarkably sharp.

Silk Screening Services

Silk screening involves using a screen stencil and ink to apply a caption or graphic to your piece. Like pad printing, it is an effective process for companies looking to add their company name or logo onto their products.We recommend silk screening processes for products that are large in scale, as silk screening effectively covers large surface areas.

Inspection and Packaging

Attention to detail means a great deal to us here at All Powder Coat & Screen. For that reason, we perform inspections on all our jobs to ensure they meet our clients’ high standards. And we always package our finished products carefully to ensure they arrive in mint condition to our customers, whether they’re traveling locally, across state lines, or internationally.

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