Although the primary reason powder coating is a sought-after finishing process is to remove corrosion and imperfections from parts’ surfaces, many of the companies we work with use our powder coating services to improve the aesthetic appearance of their products. With countless paint colors and textures, the options are endless in creating polished, unique parts.



When choosing the right powder coat for your project, it’s important to keep the product’s application in mind. If you know the part will be used for purely cosmetic purposes, you might opt for urethane powders. Meanwhile, if you know the product will be exposed to direct sunlight, you might avoid epoxy. For material, you can choose between the following:


Two shades of charcoal gray look extremely different when one is matte and the other is high gloss. When selecting a powder coat color, be sure to choose a gloss level that matches the look you have in mind. Gloss levels you can choose from include:


With finishing effects, your part can be as snazzy or as simple as you’d like it to be. Metallic details, shimmer, translucency, and texture are just a handful of effects you can choose from when deciding what type of powder coat suits your product.If you have questions regarding choosing the perfect powder coat color for your part, please reach out to our team.

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At All Powder Coat & Screen, we have long-standing partnerships with major powder coat manufacturers. Our vendors have scores of color possibilities, so you’ll have ample choices when deciding what powder you want for your product. While the color options are endless, we recommend that you choose a powder that we regularly have in stock, so that you can avoid having to purchase a full box of powder for your order. You can download a list of our regularly stocked powders here.Below we’ve included links to some of the powder manufacturers we work with most frequently. Please note that if we do not have the powder in stock, the manufacturer will require a 50-lb minimum to order the powder.

Cardinal Powder
PPG Powder
Prismatic Powders: For smaller quantity runs, Prismatic Powders offers the option to order as few as 5 lb of powder
Sherwin Williams Powder
Tiger Drylac Powder

Reach out to the All Powder Coat and Screen team with any questions about our color and finish options.

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